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Our Services


  • Chemical Peel

    In our clinic, we use professional grade liquid to exfoliate the outermost layer of the skin to reveal the young skin underneath. (more…)

    • ₦850050 min

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  • Acne Treatment (pimples)

    Pure ingredients and potent products create an active change in your skin’s condition. This full service facial can be customized for prematurely aging, acneic, unevenly pigmented, and sensitive skin.

    • ₦950050 min

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  • Healthglow Signature Face Treatment

    This is done to complement our acne treatment. It consist of deep cleansing, face steaming, face brushing, face vacuum and ultrasonic stimulation all to stimulate facial rejuvenation, control oil, close pores and reduce bacteria. 4-8 sessions at an interval of one week and the Healthglow acne cream and physician prescribed medical and your acne is history.

    • ₦2000025 min
    • ₦2500050 min

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Body Treatments


    At Healthglow medical aesthetic clinic, we offer you a practical solution to your weight problem, which is proven effective and manageable to people of all ages.

    We adopt a multidisciplinary approach to weight reduction, which incorporates a full medical consultation and counselling on paper nutrition and exercise.


    • ₦950050 min

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    At Healthglow we use natural injectables to increase the volume and firm up the breast, referred to as boob-jab.

    The gel is natural, the result is instant and there is no down time, no general anaesthesia, no hospitalization, we use Macrolane.

    • ₦1500050 min

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    What causes ageing and the increase in disability and diseases as we get older is the formation of free radical, environmental pollution, radiation, tobacco, smoke and stress, they all causes excessive free radical formation. Unrepaired damage accumulates as people age. When free radicals in the body exceeds the body’s natural defences, health problem and premature ageing will then develop. To increase defence, antioxidants need to be taken in sufficient amounts as preventing free radicals damage is anti-ageing. We supply fresh smoothes.

    • ₦1250060 min

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Dental Treatments

  • Teeth Whitening

    The teeth whitening system uses high-intensity blue light at a wavelength of 480-520 nanometres.

    The light is filtered through over 30 layers of coated optical glass to remove infrared and ultraviolet light, used together with our special whitening formula, the half hour procedure rapidly oxidizes 16 or  more teeth through the dentin tube, restoring the to a beautiful white.

    Multi-Security design guarantee the safety of patients and doctors.

    Indications: Teeth stained by smoking or stain-causing food and drinks such as coffee or tea, whitening teeth discoloured by medicine such as tetracycline or speckled by fluoride.

    • ₦950050 min

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