Antioxidant Clinic

Antioxidant Clinic

Aesthetic Health approaches skin health from both the outside and the inside. At Healthglow Medical Aesthetics Clinic, we hand pick the very best nutritional supplements on the market to complement your skincare routine.

Nutritional Supplement Treatment

Our skin reflects the state of our health on the inside and a healthily diet is an essential piece in the health jigsaw.

Most of us endeavor to consume a varied and balanced diet with omega rich foods such as oily fish, whole grains and ­brightly coloured vegetables, avoiding processed foods and those high in sugar.

In an ideal world this could provide you with essential vitamins and minerals for health including ­those needed for healthy skin. In reality however we often cannot gain sufficient amino acids, vitamins and minerals from food. Whist nutritional supplements do not recreate the complex mixture of nutrients from food, they can act to top up those in short supply and promote antioxidant levels, helping to calm inflammation and nourish from the inside.

At Aesthetic Health we can recommend individual prescriptions of nutritional supplements to optimise our skin-care regimes, combining antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and marine plant extracts, to help support anti-ageing and healthy skin from the inside out.’

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