Liquid Smile

Liquid Smile

  • Liquid Smile is a paint on tooth whitener and stylish way to whiten your smile in one hour.
  • 1 Hour whitening can achieve up to a 10 shade improvement.
  • The Professional Liquid Smile Whitening Pen has all the features and benefits of a dentist whitening, powerful, convenient, and affordable.
  • Its simple, it takes 30 seconds to apply with easy and precise application.
  • 1 Hour Whitening requires 1 application every 10 minutes for a total of 6 applications.
  • No messy, uncomfortable trays or strips and no more trouble of trying to make pre formed trays fit your teeth correctly.
  • Liquid Smile is more effective than any strips (Strips are hard to position correctly, do not cover crooked, uneven or large teeth properly, must be used for up to 4 weeks and can result in uneven whitening).
  • No messy impression materials plus improper fitting trays result in poor whitening and waste of material.
  • No gagging, spitting and bulky trays that prevent you from talking and no chair time in the dental office.
  • Contents: 1 Professional Whitening Pen with safety seal & instructions inside. 30 applications. 3 year shelf life

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